BCM114 Final Blog

Thinking back to when I was told we had to make a digital artefact for the final project, I had no idea what that meant. When it got explained to me, I had a mind block and did not understand still what we had to do. Then I finally sat down and saw that it had to be something that was important to me or what interests me, many ideas sparked in my brain. I looked on Pinterest for some ideas and that really helped me develop some ideas as well.
I originally wanted to make an instagram of tips of being abroad and what to pack and the things available to do specifically for Australia. But then I really wasn’t getting very far and thought of people just thinking I was being stereotypical and wouldn’t want to follow my page. I pitched this idea, and did not get the response I wanted. So then went up to Doug, asking if I should do something along the lines of how to live in Australia and my views of it being a student. That idea was a go and then I totally switched gears and have been posting about what it is like to live in Australia for a few months being a Uni student.
I wanted to really keep that idea of Fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny. I don’t want to have to pay for things such as software or cameras. I had my iphone and camera already here, and just edited my pictures on instagram or Photoeditor that was free on the app store. The simplicity part, is just making a few little adjustments on these apps and then post it. Also, keeping a colour pallet goes in the simplicity category as well. Fast, I take a picture, edit it and post it on instagram. Tiny, I did not want to post a bunch of things and overwhelm my followers. I wanted to keep my followers intrigued and not want them to get bored of what I was posting.
Creating an instagram page was the best ways to get my information out. Personally I like to see cool pictures that are clean and sharp and have vibrant colours. A lot of my followers are travel pages or Australian picture pages. But, after posting something on Facebook which was from a comment I got on the last Blog post, I got more of my friends to follow my page. Like in the lectures, everyone is going to fail but you just have to learn from that mistake and just make it better. I was frustrated with not getting any followers, but then I got some feedback and I achieved my goal to get more followers. I really wanted my page to be authentic and have it be from my point of view and pictures I took. I think that really describes how I approached the social utility for my DA. I guess I wasn’t really aiming to get a lot of followers, I just wanted to get people’s attention and the best way for my DA was instagram.
We see all these awesome pictures online when we google Australia, and looks like the perfect lifestyle.. But they don’t mention the cost of things or where people live and get by on a daily basis. Coming to Australia from the U.S was a huge cultural shock. I was told it was just like the U.S and that it has some Uni’s and have to find accommodation and sign up for classes. I was not told about public transportation and how to use the Opal cards, or that rent is paid weekly, and that there are some bomb American burgers, or that there are cool cities you can fly to super cheap. I wanted to let people know who potentially want to come to Australia to study abroad or come for a long holiday what it was truly like to live here and how to live here cheaply and what awesome things there are to do with no cost.
It has been a major rollercoaster making this DA because I have to mess around posting pictures and having to add and delete pictures based on the viewings of them and the likes. I really have noticed having the blue and white colour scheme has gained me followers. I have had people comment on my pictures saying they love the content I am producing. That made me feel better about it because I feel like no one really looks at it, they just brush right by it. But that is why I did not post a long caption for pictures because no one really is on there to read. Posting about Melbourne and about the Opal cards were the most likes I have gotten. I don’t think I really care if people like my posts, as long as they see the information then I will be happy. I enjoy posting about what I have learned about the cost of things and the ways people get around if you don’t have a car.
I have learned a lot about instagram and what people appeal to and what they do not like. Making this DA has been a learning curve for me and makes me really have to try to keep to that authenticity aspect and really make it so it’s not a lot of effort for my followers to comprehend. I have also learned to fail early and fail often in this process. It is better to fail in the early stages which I did but it’s good to fail often which happened as well. I will be honest I did not post as much as I wanted due to writers block and I did not want to post something shitty and have it not be relevant to my project. A lot of my followers like I said are travel pages so I wanted to post cool places I have been and make them as clear and colourful as they did. But a lot of my followers are my friends and they post tons of pictures of where they have travelled and really liked my Melbourne post. I think tagging my location was good so people knew what part of Australia I was. I wish I had done more hashtags because that seems to get more likes and followers after seeing on the travel pages and what my friends post as well.
Overall, it was quite the learning experience. If I could change one thing it would be posting more. Sometimes I just would forget to post. I hope this DA helped people who were thinking about coming to Australia, but I hope people see what I have experienced and made it unique and very personable. It was a fun idea and will continue to post on it for the duration left of my time here in Australia.


Prototyping DA

These past 5 weeks or so have been a roller coaster. I have been deleting and adding content every week. I thought instagram would be an easy platform that people could easily enjoy, but my account is unique in a way. There is a ton of travelling pages just with cool pictures of places around the world. I am trying to make my page look cool and give information that is helpful to people who are going to live abroad in Australia. It has been hard to find that happy balance.

Content: I have been messing around with my posts and found that I have a blue and white theme going on. The colour theme catches people’s eye more and are interested to see what is next. The first post I posted was super tacky and got no likes, which got deleted very quickly. It is all really a guessing game because I want to be helpful and give really good tips, but sometimes people don’t read captions.

Followers: At the beginning I told some of my study abroad friends at UOW to go follow my page. Then I saw a travel page specific to Australia and followed them. In a few days I noticed that I started getting more travel pages and Australia pages that were following me. I am still struggling to get students that want to potentially study abroad or are just interested in what Australia is like. I did notice that when I posted pictures of where I have travelled, I got more followers.

Ongoing: I feel like my DA is failing but after listening to lectures last week, I now know that if you don’t get the amount of followers you wanted or the likes you were hoping for isn’t failure. If you don’t document the process, that is failing. I try to document everything but tend to forget. I am going to start documenting more and deleting things and posting things more to see if that will change the trend. I want to get more millennials to follow my page. It is awesome that travel pages are following me and studying abroad pages too. That is what I put in my ideation phase as a goal.


Ideating the Digital Artifact


For my digital artefact, I intend to create an Instagram account with heaps of information/ pictures about living abroad as a student in Australia. I will be posting cool places I have visited and good tips on managing money and showing the lifestyle in Australia. I came up with this idea because I didn’t know a lot about Australia and what you can do for free and what you have to spend money on. I struggled with what should be brought and wasn’t told a good way to shop cheap and live on a budget. I want to create something that could help students that want to visit or are studying abroad in Australia. I want to post a few times a week with a mixture of fun posts and some helpful tips. I want my followers to give me ideas of where they want to see or what helpful tips I can give out. End of the project I want to have many followers and make it on to some traveling pages and abroad pages.

Public Relations- Amazon

Amazon is a world wide, massive company. They have a wide range of jobs. I never really have thought about public relations positions for their company. Obviously they are growing each and everyday and that is due to their marketing/public relations team.

When I think of Amazon, I think of this amazing website that you can find anything you want. It is the easiest website to use and it can be very dangerous. Save your credit or debit card in their and just add things to that shopping cart. Soon you realize there is $100 worth of stuff in that cart.

Amazon does a great lay out of their website. They have all these products, then when you add to the cart it recommends other items that you may need. Or they have sale items and amazon prime which is great. You get your stuff in 2 days with no shipping fees. Other websites charge you 9 or 10 dollars for shipping. No one wants to pay for that!

Their public relations team has a very unique challenge, and that is to build transparent relationships with customers and multipliers and let their services speak for themselves.  Amazons reputation was built by focusing on the customers. That is why they are doing so well, if something isn’t right with the product you can send it back and get fully refunded with no charge. The goal of the public relations is to talk up the companies name and to drive external and internal communications.

I think it would be amazing to be part of their team. Be able to meet so many people and build relationships with people so they will use Amazon. Everyday would be new and that’s why I would love the job. There will be new challenges that can be conquered by the team. But it all works with communication.

Career Goals

I want to be a Public Relations Manager for Amazon. I want to achieve that goal by finishing my degree and then reaching out to Amazon seeing what they have to offer, I am going to have to push myself out of my comfort zone and set achievable goals for myself to get there.


I am a go getter and it is important to achieve this goal because I think it would be an incredible opportunity to be apart of a great company. I plan to get a few internships during the rest of my college career and have some experience under my belt. Having the experience will put me in a better position, and will help me reach my goal. I think everyone should be ambitious and have a career goal, if you don’t get the job it is okay. That means you just fix somethings and try again and everything happens for a reason. Don’t let one deny bring you down.