About Me

My professional identity would be explained as a hard worker and organized. I get my stuff done before the deadline and finish it before I have been told.  People can be lazy or procrastinators when it comes to working. I want things to be done because if something doesn’t get done, things can go wrong.
I am a manager for a pool and I don’t have to do the lifeguard duties but I do them without being asked. I would always have the pool vacuumed and everything was spotless before opening. I can’t just sit there with things that arent done. A hard worker is self –motivated and dependent. I am always 10 min early for a shift. One of my coworkers didn’t show up for a shift and the whole rotation got screwed up. I knew that someone didn’t show up, on my day off I hopped in to the rotation to help the guards out. Working together and supporting your coworker’s makes the work place ten times better.
I think I am a pretty organized person all around. I don’t like things out of place. My room is very organized and so are my notes and projects. I have to have stuff written down in a planner color coded in order to remember it. When I have something due, I immediately write it down; I am not the person who can just make a mental note. I think it’s very important to write things down and be organized in a work setting. It makes things go smoothly and won’t really miss a deadline or important notes. In Public Relations, I believe you have to be a very strategic person and have things organized before you go out and talk to people and represent the company. If people see a person who is unorganized, they will tie that with the company you work for, and it just looks bad on everyone.


Professional Biography

I am currently a sophomore attending the University of Kansas. I work at Cottonwood Incorporation as a Resident Specialist. Cottonwood Inc.  is an organization that houses adults with different disabilities. I work in a home with 6 ladies and cook them dinner and then just get to keep them company and assist when needed,

In the summer I am a Manager for a neighborhood pool. I deal with patrons concerns and do membership questions and set ups. I have been doing that for 6 years now.

When I am not in school. I volunteer at a Therapeutic Riding Center that uses therapy on horses. They work on balance, trust, and independence on the horses. It also calms these special needs individuals and gives them a time to bond.  I also volunteer with Natural Ties which is a group that takes special needs people to various events each Wednesday. It is a chance to be with them and let them see their friends and is something they look forward to each week. It is a very rewarding opportunity to be a part of.

I have always been the person to make people happy. I want people to feel important and that people care. I think being caring is a good characteristic in any type of job. No one wants an employee who is mean and doesn’t care about things. In Public Relations, being caring is key. You are constantly around people and representing a company. We are the faces of the company, and people will make impressions about that company based on your actions.  If you are a genuine person, people are going to want to know more of what you have to say.