Prototyping DA

These past 5 weeks or so have been a roller coaster. I have been deleting and adding content every week. I thought instagram would be an easy platform that people could easily enjoy, but my account is unique in a way. There is a ton of travelling pages just with cool pictures of places around the world. I am trying to make my page look cool and give information that is helpful to people who are going to live abroad in Australia. It has been hard to find that happy balance.

Content: I have been messing around with my posts and found that I have a blue and white theme going on. The colour theme catches people’s eye more and are interested to see what is next. The first post I posted was super tacky and got no likes, which got deleted very quickly. It is all really a guessing game because I want to be helpful and give really good tips, but sometimes people don’t read captions.

Followers: At the beginning I told some of my study abroad friends at UOW to go follow my page. Then I saw a travel page specific to Australia and followed them. In a few days I noticed that I started getting more travel pages and Australia pages that were following me. I am still struggling to get students that want to potentially study abroad or are just interested in what Australia is like. I did notice that when I posted pictures of where I have travelled, I got more followers.

Ongoing: I feel like my DA is failing but after listening to lectures last week, I now know that if you don’t get the amount of followers you wanted or the likes you were hoping for isn’t failure. If you don’t document the process, that is failing. I try to document everything but tend to forget. I am going to start documenting more and deleting things and posting things more to see if that will change the trend. I want to get more millennials to follow my page. It is awesome that travel pages are following me and studying abroad pages too. That is what I put in my ideation phase as a goal.


3 thoughts on “Prototyping DA

  1. mu678 says:

    Mariah I really like your page and went to follow it and you have great ideas and it will come together with your ideas and what you have said. It is ongoing process and to play around with ideas and capture what you want the audience and followers to see and be able to get them involved with the page. I have the same thing happened to me with my instragm page but you have to play around with more ideas and to keep going on what you want to purse out of the DA at the end of the road. Think outside the box and create things that are different and from your thinking process take it all in what you have said but as well use this to improve, persuade your ideas further and further. An Idea could be posting something on Facebook linked to your instragm and people could see your page and get more followers with your age as well and more travel places as well to get involved with your page. With my page it was the same feeling at first and getting through it making adverts and being outside the square and what people want to see and what you want them to see. The page will grow it will take time but keep drafting ideas and process them and your DA will be success and I wish you luck with it and keep those few things in mind but you are doing great and go back to twitter for ideas aswell and look up things that can make it more open and assessable.


  2. Johnny Mitchell says:

    Good analysis of how your progress is going. It shows a good deal of passion and initiative that you understand and state how your platform isn’t going the exact way you want it and that you’re willing to learn and remedy it. From just looking at it, it seems like a good set-up and its a template that people will at some point need. Just try thinking of various other different platforms that you can spread the news and try in more than one way, not just online, but through just casual talk with friends or adding ads in other social media platforms to branch out to people you may not know. I have my own restrictions with having to keep a majority of my posts on my website or Facebook as the most effective way of getting my reviews out, but pictures can be seen clearly on any platforms. Good job, keep up the good work.


  3. brookeemily9 says:

    Hey Mariah,
    I loved your idea initially as i think it has a great utility for international students getting to know Australia. I defiantly think that using content that is relevant and your own photography, gains more likes as people want to see what you’re up to. I really liked your Melbourne post. I think incorporating a blog or a wordpress site would benefit your audience as you can go into more detail about the tips and tricks you’ve learnt. Then in your photos on instagram you can give a super brief run down and have the link to your blog in the bio. I also think including some more helpful links in your bio or captions (i know you cant hyperlink in captions which is annoying) would be awesome as your audience can read on further if they have an interesting in the topic. I think you have made an awesome start to your DA and with some trial and error you will have a real successful page up and running.


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