Ideating the Digital Artifact


For my digital artefact, I intend to create an Instagram account with heaps of information/ pictures about living abroad as a student in Australia. I will be posting cool places I have visited and good tips on managing money and showing the lifestyle in Australia. I came up with this idea because I didn’t know a lot about Australia and what you can do for free and what you have to spend money on. I struggled with what should be brought and wasn’t told a good way to shop cheap and live on a budget. I want to create something that could help students that want to visit or are studying abroad in Australia. I want to post a few times a week with a mixture of fun posts and some helpful tips. I want my followers to give me ideas of where they want to see or what helpful tips I can give out. End of the project I want to have many followers and make it on to some traveling pages and abroad pages.

One thought on “Ideating the Digital Artifact

  1. brookeemily9 says:

    Hey Mariah,
    I love your concept, Im yet to see social media pages that helps exchange students adapt to Australia, so love the usefulness of your DA. What kind of pictures will you post ? Also have you considered incorporating a blog into your DA concept. I think it would be a cool idea as you can go into further detail on specific topics that your audience want more information on. Good luck, cant wait to see how it goes !


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