Public Relations- Amazon

Amazon is a world wide, massive company. They have a wide range of jobs. I never really have thought about public relations positions for their company. Obviously they are growing each and everyday and that is due to their marketing/public relations team.

When I think of Amazon, I think of this amazing website that you can find anything you want. It is the easiest website to use and it can be very dangerous. Save your credit or debit card in their and just add things to that shopping cart. Soon you realize there is $100 worth of stuff in that cart.

Amazon does a great lay out of their website. They have all these products, then when you add to the cart it recommends other items that you may need. Or they have sale items and amazon prime which is great. You get your stuff in 2 days with no shipping fees. Other websites charge you 9 or 10 dollars for shipping. No one wants to pay for that!

Their public relations team has a very unique challenge, and that is to build transparent relationships with customers and multipliers and let their services speak for themselves.  Amazons reputation was built by focusing on the customers. That is why they are doing so well, if something isn’t right with the product you can send it back and get fully refunded with no charge. The goal of the public relations is to talk up the companies name and to drive external and internal communications.

I think it would be amazing to be part of their team. Be able to meet so many people and build relationships with people so they will use Amazon. Everyday would be new and that’s why I would love the job. There will be new challenges that can be conquered by the team. But it all works with communication.

One thought on “Public Relations- Amazon

  1. hannahpred says:

    I agree with you, Mariah! I think that Amazon does such a good job relationship building with not only their customers but their businesses that they deal with everyday. I think working within public relations for such a big company like Amazon would definitely keep someone busy because there are so many factors and they have to keep their reputation up as being #1! Great post!


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